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You are at the right place if you are looking for quality and cost effective polystyrene cornice. We manufacture both eps(expanded polystyrene) and xps(extruded polystyrene) we also have a wide range of profiles. Have a look at our profiles and prices below and put us to the test.

Cornices have become very popular when renovating and one of the best looking finishes when building a new house!

Please give us a chance to quote you on supply, installation or both just drop us an email at and we will get back to you ASAP. We supply the whole of Gauteng via courier or delivery. And do fitting in the Pretoria/Centurion area.

Have a look at our Installation page and look at some of our completed projects.

There many cornice suppliers but their quality needs to be looked at. We do a very smooth eps(expanded polystyrene). We have builders who buy the eps cornices and once they are finished with the installation and painting of the expanded polystyrene cornices you can’t determine whether they used the more expansive (xps)extruded cornices or the cheaper (eps)extruded cornices.

We keep stock of most of our profiles in both eps and xps cornices.

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EPS & XPS Cornice Examples

In our experience EPS (expanded polystyrene) is the most popular because of its price and once painted is suitable for most clients.

XPS & EPS Frontview

XPS & EPS Sideview

XPS & EPS Unpainted

XPS & EPS Painted

What Is A Cornice?

What really is a cornice, and why maybe it was so popular? A cornice is basically a kind of horizontal decorating sculpture or moulding, it generally depends on the roof, doors, or windows. One in the main reasons why cornices were introduced was to be sure that the rainwater may not hit the walls of the building as this as time passes would create discoloring of the stone buildings. This style of architecture was most common in Greece, where most of the temples and significant buildings would have elaborately carved cornices.

Switching a ceiling fixture in a room seems like a simple change, however it makes a huge difference in the design. Cornices can be found in a variety of styles and colors, but changing one for another requires only some tools and minutes to acheive it yourself. Here’s a how-to you can actually follow to correctly and safely put in a new cornice.

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Cornice is probably one of many important aspects of design without ceiling solution has greater potential than polystyrene Cornice. This is because polystyrene lights can be found in numerous colours and they are more energy efficient than another kind of Cornice. This type of Cornice is eco-friendly in that it does. The flexibility from the Cornice is beyond doubt the most important advantage when you use this sort of Cornice in design. This is because the lights can be cornice maker pretoria bought in various designs including tubes, screw-in bulbs, stripes, wall panels, spotlights and ropes. To top it all, the sunlight fixtures are incredibly durable cornice maker pretoria.

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A cornice is basically a block of wood or polystyrene in many instances that’s molded healthy and positioned across the window frame to get the particular window your. As well as being used over the window and ceiling they are able to also be employed around the sides too. The main use is for windows at home, but sometimes even be utilized on walls and arches as an example polystyrene cornices prices. The main benefit of them is usually to enhance the characteristics and overall great thing about your own home.

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If your property is old or was constructed using less-than-stellar materials and workmanship, you could see cracks, holes, or water damage within your polystyrene cornice. Some polystyrene cornice repairs are really simple to make all on your own, if you have the right tools and materials and a amount of do it yourself experience. But in other cases, the polystyrene cornice factory challenge may be severe or extensive enough to warrant contacting a professional. When making a decision about DIY vs. professional repairs, take into account the scope with the project, your experience level, and that which you are prepared to spend to have the job done right polystyrene cornice factory.

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Small cracks and nail holes are relatively easy to solve, if the concern is localized rather than a signal of the larger construction issue. Using polystyrene cornice compound, polystyrene cornice tape, plus a polystyrene cornice knife, you can patch over damaged areas. In general, it is best to apply the polystyrene cornice compound in many layers, letting each layer dry and sanding it smooth before applying the next layer polystyrene cornices and mouldings. Note that you may want to fill out cracks and apply polystyrene cornice tape before patching them over. If you don’t have these power tools and materials available, but you’re confident it is possible to handle the wall repair yourself, it is possible to visit a neighborhood hardware store for tips on things to use and how to proceed.

Cornice Profiles & Shapescornice prices south africa

A proper search on the Internet can help you in finding different producers of imitation tin roof cornice prices south africa. All you need to do is to discover a reputed company that will provide you with wide options for designs, colors, designs, pattern and more. Many in the floor online purchasing stores provides you feature descriptions with the cornice prices south africa and dimensions cornice prices south africa. This will present you with a fair idea while buying roof cornice prices south africa for that home. With their categorized and organized report on floor designs and materials with images, you will find things you need in a fraction in the time. Shopping on the net only will to help you to buy good cornice prices south africa to your roof.

You don’t have to be an interior decorator to understand the impact of adding texture to a room. Much like rich color tones and delightful furnishings, elements with texture will add a great deal of dimension and interest to your residential space. So why limit the textural touches in your rooms on the usual fabric, cornice prices south africa, and wall covering options? For a gorgeous, customized appearance throughout your living areas, it’s time to take a look at today’s textured cornice.

  • Forget those unpopular, asbestos-based, polystyrene cornice of the past.
  • These days, polystyrene or acoustical cornice are perfectly safe
  • Therefore are one of various kinds of textured cornice ceiling treatments
  • Used to produce stunning visual interest from your family room for a kitchen for your bedroom or bath.
  • In fact, using only an easy mud created from drywall compound
  • And a few common tools, such as a trowel, knife, or brush,
  • You can develop a number of attractive and durable ceiling texture varieties,
  • Including knockdown, orange peel, slapbrush, mud swirl, polystyrene, plus much more cornices.

Interior design and decorating are very important aspects if you own a home. It is vital that you make the house feel comfortable to reside in and irresistible to yourself while others whenever they enter. When you are considering the redesign the windows are really critical to the general appear and feel. You therefore need to determine shades. One particular treatment you can use to you could make your windows look more beautiful is cornice window treatments. These will give you a huge selection to enable you to build your window or ciling look pretty. There are a number of ideas which you can use to produce this sort of cornice effective.

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